Morio Agata Norimono Zukan

Release date:
December 23, 2022
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50 years ago, Hokkaido-born singer-songwriter Morio Agata released his debut single, Sekishoku Ereji (Red Elegy), an emotive, shuffling piano ballad that (shockingly) sold half a million copies in Japan. While he would never have another Top-40 hit, Agata would spend the next half century issuing a series of idiosyncratic, experimental pop albums. Today, he's a beloved cult figure, still actively touring and recording in his seventies. Arguably the biggest left-turn of Agata's early career, however, came in 1979, when legendary Vanity Records paired Agata with major players from his label's roster and the Osaka punk scene for an impromptu recording session. An impressive list of musicians took part (SAB, Yukio Fujimoto (Normal Brain), Masahiro Kitada (INU), Chie Mukai, and others) and even though they all came from different wings of the underground music scene, together they built an arresting, minimalistic bedrock of synthesized and acoustic sounds for Agata to work his magic over.

  • 1. Radio City of Love
  • 2. Tinplate Rock 'N Roll
  • 3. Submarine
  • 4. Airplane
  • 5. Cocktail Machine
  • 6. Twilight Waltz
  • 7. R Solution
  • 8. Continuous Perfume Bottle'

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