Moonbeau - Moonbeau



Release date: October 12, 2018
Vinyl LP pressing. Moonbeau is one of Cincinnati's most talked about new artists. The group delivers crooning melodies and swooning harmonies with dynamic distinction. Layered synths and rhythmic guitar textures are remnants of their love for new wave. Moonbeau started as a synthpop solo project by Christian Gough of The Yugos, another indie rock staple in Cincinnati. Through Moonbeau, Gough was able to focus on improving his studio production and use of 80's throwback pop sounds. Moonbeau has picked up speed with new bands members Claire Muenchen (Keys/Vox) and Alex Murphy-White (Drums). If you are looking for infectious melody and a dance beat, Moonbeau will never disappoint. Powerful choruses and smooth guitar leads will ensue. Delivering a sense of nostalgia with every note, Moonbeau will make your heart dance, flutter, and break.

  • 1. In Love
  • 2. Like the Night
  • 3. Get to Know You
  • 4. Say What You Want to Say
  • 5. Complicated
  • 6. Hair So Wild
  • 7. Take It All
  • 8. Sweet Thoughts
  • 9. Nibiru
  • 10. Lover / Fighter
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12 October 2018 / More records

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