Moon Jiyong Love Tactics/Terminus

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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First vinyl reissue since '79 for the mystique-shrouded composer and his enigmatic songstress! Songstress Moon Ji-young remains one of the most enigmatic figures of Korea's 70's gayo scene. Her debut release from SRB Records would be her sole record. The record was produced in 1979 with SRB-affiliated composer/arranger Yon Seok-won at the helm. In addition to 5 songs for Moon, Yon also included tunes that had been released through his solo and group projects, the Outsiders among them. Standout tracks include the title track 'Love Tactics', gained a new following upon it's rediscovery among fans of 70's K-Funk, the 2-part epic 'Tree in Winter', and the noir-inspired blues/jazz tune 'Terminus'. The instrumental 'When Love Comes and Goes' is another interesting track that foreshadows Yon's later excursions into jazz-based New Age/Ambient territory. Included as a bonus track is the killer funky banger 'Unwavering Heart' by the Outsiders.

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