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Moon Chamber - Lore Of The Land

Moon Chamber

Lore Of The Land

Release date: December 27, 2019
Format: LP Album
Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. Marta Gabriel, the front woman of heavy metal stalwarts Crystal Viper is considered to be one of the finest singers of her generation. Rob Bendelow is the founder and original guitarist of the legendary British hard rock band Saracen - as the composer of albums such as Vox In Excelso, Redemption, and most notably Heroes, Saints And Fools, Rob is a truly respected contributor to the history of classic rock. So, what might the result be if those two were to join forces, and combine their obvious passion for music? The answer is Moon Chamber. In addition to Marta and Rob, three other musicians complete the Moon Chamber ranks. Keyboard duties are handled by Paul Bradder of Saracen, and the driving percussion comes courtesy of Pagan Altar's Andy Green. In addition to vocals, Marta recorded all the bass guitar parts for the album, but Richard Bendelow (Rob's son) is now responsible for the bass element going forward. The album comprises ten tracks, deeply rooted in the classic rock of the '70s and '80s, whilst drawing inspiration from the wealth of English folklore, history and legend.
  • 1. De Temporum Ratione
  • 2. Only
  • 3. When Stakes Are High
  • 4. Ravenmaster
  • 5. We'll Find a Way
  • 6. The Nine Ladies
  • 7. The Goddess and the Green Man
  • 8. Crystal Wind
  • 9. The Plague
  • 10. Knight Errant (My Son)
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27 December 2019 / More records