Mondo Boys The Mortuary Collection

Release date:
July 8, 2022
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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Are proud to present Mondo Boys' score to festival favourite fright-a-rama The Mortuary Collection, on vinyl for the first time! A deliciously dark portmanteau set in the seemingly sleepy town of Raven's End, where a morbid mortician - who looks like he could be dead himself - recounts tales of terror and madness to his new assistant, who may very well have her own grisly anecdote to tell... Keeping it's tongue firmly in it's cheek, with a humour so black it's a wonder it hasn't rotted off, The Mortuary Collection is a wonder of modern-day anthology horror story-telling, featuring one of the finest scores this side of Danny Elfman. Whimsical themes blend into dark menace motifs that transport you into the shadowy universe the movie inhabits, while catchy original Doo-wop and Garage Rock style songs drag you back down to earth. Available on "Clancy Brown's Crematorium Decor" green with black smoke swirl variant - marking the first time the score has been available on a physical format - and featuring original artwork by Jérémy Pailler, liner notes from Mondo Boys & writer/director Ryan Spindell, and an insert featuring rare behind-the-scenes photos, this is one release fans will die - or kill - for... *Please note that copies of this album DO NOT come with a free Clancy Brown, although we wished to the Dark Lord it did. The man's a damn treasure.'

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