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Molly Lewis - Mirage

Molly Lewis


Release date: November 18, 2022
Label: Jagjaguwar
Molly Lewis's compositions seem to float into ourears from distant shores. They're otherworldly, drawn more fromlandscapes of dream than from anywhere you could find on a map.Lewis is a unique presence in music today. Her trademark whistle,which brings to mind the great Peruvian soprano Yma Sumac, hasgraced recordings of everything from Schumann lieder and Brazilianjazz to Spaghetti Western ballads and noir lounge.Lewis's collaborations are diverse: La Femme, SébastienTellier and Dr. Dre. She's performed around the globe, at Shanghai'sYuz Museum, the Cannes Film Festival, Mexico City's Salón LosAngeles, and across the whole of New Zealand. Lewis's 2021 debutEP, The Forgotten Edge, was produced by Tom Brenneck (CharlesBradley, Amy Winehouse). It was a critical success, drawing praisefrom The New York Times and NPR, and landing Lewis a spot on CBSSunday Morning.Now, Lewis and Brenneck have teamed up again for hersecond EP, Mirage, bringing aboard Brazilian guitarist Rogê, as wellas percussionist Gibi Dos Santos and keyboardist Roger Manning.Capacious and atmospheric, Mirage is Lewis's most hypnotic effortyet. Like Eden's Island (1970) by eden ahbez-whose "Nature Boy"is covered in one of Mirage's standout moments-the album is basedon Lewis's visions of an imaginary island. The lush, oceanic texturesof Mirage transport us to the sands of an unknown beach-all aloneor in the company we've always dreamt of keeping.
  • 1. Mirage
  • 2. Miracle Fruit
  • 3. Dolphinese
  • 4. Cabana de Mel
  • 5. The Green Ray
  • 6. Nature Boy
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