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Modern Studies - The Weight Of The Sun

Modern Studies

The Weight Of The Sun

Release date: June 05, 2020
Label: Fire Records
Format: LP Album
New album from kosmiche folk-rock quartet Modern Studies. A glorious compendium of haunted disco hallelujahs, mercurial krautrock chorales, cosmic pop adagios and euphoric, resilient, anthems. 'The Weight of the Sun' sees principal songwriters Emily Scott and Rob St John further their warm, esoteric field studies with Pete Harvey and Joe Smillie, as previously reconnoitred on 'Swell To Great' (2016) and 'Welcome Strangers' (2018). 'The exact point where Fairport Convention meet Jim O'Rourke at a remote Scottish railway station.' Tim Burgess 'Melancholic magic' recalls Johnny Marr's hazier reveries and the febrile, electrified folk of Polly Harvey's Let England Shake.' UNCUT New album from 'Setting the standards for intelligent pop' Record Collector There is a strange familiarity, and a welcome strangeness, in the quiet alchemy of Modern Studies.
  • 1. Photograph
  • 2. Run for Cover
  • 3. Heavy Water
  • 4. She
  • 5. Corridors
  • 6. Signs of Use
  • 7. Brother
  • 8. The Blue of Distance
  • 9. Back to the City
  • 10. Jacqueline
  • 11. Spaces
  • 12. Shape of Light
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05 June 2020 / More records