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March 8, 2024
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Termination is an album inspired by the halting problem in computer theory, i.e. whether the program will finish running or continue to run forever. The halting problem is undecidable, meaning that no general algorithm exists that solves it. This is true also for human life, as it goes up and down and one can't program it, because simply you cannot predict the future, and even if we could there are so many variables that can easily f*ck up any sort of forecast. Modern Stars is an Italian neo psych rock band which showcases a unique musical style characterized as instinctive, flickering, fuzzy, aerial, groovy, bizarre, distorted, harmonious, and dissonant. Influenced by bands like Spacemen 3, Primal Scream, Suicide, and lesser known musicians. Termination is Modern Stars' fourth studio album, following Silver Needles (2020), PsychIndustrial (2021) and Space Trips for the Masses (2022).

  • 1. If/Then
  • 2. Nowhere
  • 3. Mercify
  • 4. Bartleby
  • 5. Organization
  • 6. Be Pure
  • 7. Coming Down

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