Mk.Gee Two Star & the Dream Police

Release date:
June 14, 2024
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Mike Gordon's debut album as Mk. Gee, "Two Star & the Dream Police," is a groundbreaking fusion of pop, rock, and soul. Hailing from New Jersey, the 26-year-old musician redefines familiar genres with his unique approach to sound, incorporating unconventional tones, tempos, and textures. His distorted guitar riffs and soulful vocals, reminiscent of Prince, cut through murky, experimental mixes, creating a captivating sonic landscape that refuses to conform to traditional boundaries. Despite his experimental tendencies, Gordon demonstrates a mastery of melody, crafting intricate and engaging pop songs from seemingly chaotic compositions. "Two Star" is both innovative and accessible, offering a fresh take on contemporary music while retaining a timeless quality. While Gordon has been releasing EPs and mixtapes since 2017, it was his collaboration with Dijon on the latter's debut album, "Absolutely," that introduced him to a wider audience in 2021. Their dynamic live performances, characterized by Gordon's frenetic guitar playing and Dijon's charismatic stage presence, exemplify the creative synergy between the two artists. Dijon credits Gordon with pushing him to new creative heights, infusing his music with a newfound rhythm and freedom. "Absolutely" marked a significant evolution for Dijon's sound, with Gordon's influence recognized as invaluable to the project's success.

  • 1. New Low
  • 2. How Many Miles
  • 3. Are You Looking Up
  • 4. DNM
  • 5. You Got It
  • 6. Rylee & I Candy
  • 7. I Want
  • 8. Alesis
  • 9. Breakthespell
  • 10. Little Bit More
  • 11. Dream Police

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