Mitch Rowland Come June

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Mitch Rowland, a singer-songwriter, discovered his passion for guitar music as a young child, inspired by the enchanting sounds of a vintage jukebox. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, he immersed himself in bands like The Black Crowes and Aerosmith, learning to play drums and guitar on his own. After moving to Los Angeles in 2013, he found a breakthrough opportunity as a collaborator with Harry Styles, contributing to major hits like "Watermelon Sugar" and "Golden." Mitch will release his introspective folk album, "Come June, " which showcases his unique sound and influences, drawing from a lifetime of musical exploration, on October 6, 2023. Guided by his wife and fellow musician, Sarah Jones, and collaborating with producer Rob Schnapf, Rowland crafted a beautifully honest and minimalistic collection of songs, reflecting his humility and genuine artistry. The album marks a significant milestone in Rowland's artistic journey, highlighting his talent and dedication to creating heartfelt music.

  • 1. Bluebells
  • 2. Shadow Range
  • 3. See the Way You Roll
  • 4. On the Line
  • 5. Illusionist
  • 6. When It All Falls Down
  • 7. The One I Love
  • 8. Medium Low
  • 9. Here Comes the Comeback
  • 10. All the Way Back
  • 11. Goes with Everything
  • 12. Come June

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