Miracle Workers Inside Out

Release date:
November 10, 2023
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*When the '80s U.S. garage / psych explosion started, one record in that genre towered above all others-THE MIRACLE WORKERS' 1985 debut LP Inside Out.Initially formed in 1982, the classic lineup on this debut was a five-headed, five-star beast and one of the most ferocious live bands of the era. With four songwriters, they rarely had to rely on the crutch of cover versions that many of their paisley contemporaries had to lean on. No lazy Pebbles compilation wanna-bees or drippy long-form psych yawns here; just 13 songs that are up there in the pantheon of garage rock (and really any other rock genre).Originally released in 1985 by BOMP! Pressed on limited orange smoke vinyl.

  • 1. Go Now
  • 2. That Ain't Me
  • 3. Inside Out
  • 4. You'll Know Why Another Guy
  • 5. Love Has No Time
  • 6. I'll Walk Away
  • 7. 5:35
  • 8. Tears
  • 9. Already Gone
  • 10. Hey Little Bird
  • 11. Mystery Girl
  • 12. One Step Closer to You

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