Release date:
June 14, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

The US melodic power metal band Millennial Reign are back with their new album "World on Fire"! The album has everything you expect from Millennial Reign, and more! Powerful vocals, impressive musicianship, a solid production, epic symphonic elements, memorable melodies and uplifting lyrics! Perfect for fans of power metal, melodic metal and female fronted metal bands.

  • 1. Exousia
  • 2. Bring Me to Life
  • 3. Wandering
  • 4. World on Fire
  • 5. We Follow on
  • 6. Eternity
  • 7. Parousia
  • 8. Crack the Eastern Sky
  • 9. Tongues of Fire
  • 10. Trust
  • 11. Onward to Victory
  • 12. Allied Forces

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