Release date:
April 17, 2020
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War-torn industrial, experimental r&b, and visceral ambience are unified under the banner of Military Genius, an audiovisual project that mirrors the political and existential turmoil of our times. Spreading a message of peace amidst the turbulence, Military Genius blends rigid composition and free-form noise, producing abstract, meditative rep- resentations of real-life experience.'Deep Web' is a journey into the cosmic night, an explorationof internal conflict beyond sight or sound, a submission to the bliss of pure abandon. 'Compiled over 4 years while performing with such acts as N0V3L, Crack Cloud, and Blanka, the first Military Genius record was entirely written, recorded and produced by Bryce Cloghesy and represents an ambitious new point of depar- ture that expands uponprevious collaborative works.'

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