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Mike Polizze - Long Lost Solace Find

Mike Polizze

Long Lost Solace Find

Release date: July 31, 2020
The debut solo album by Mike Polizze-and his first release for Paradise of Bachelors-finds the erstwhile Purling Hiss frontman and Birds of Maya shredder stepping out from behind the wall of guitar noise into the bright sunshine. Performed entirely by Polizze with longtime friend Kurt Vile (largely live and acoustic) and recorded by War on Drugs engineer Jeff Zeigler, this intimate Philadelphia affair clarifies the bittersweet earworm melodicism of Dizzy Polizzy's songwriting, revealing bona fide folk-pop chops. Long Lost Solace Find finally harvests the wild local honey from the buzzing hive of Hiss.
  • 1. Bainmarie
  • 2. Revelation
  • 3. Cheewawa
  • 4. Wishing Well
  • 5. Eyes Reach Across
  • 6. Do Do Do
  • 7. Edge of Time
  • 8. Rock on a Feather
  • 9. D'modal
  • 10. Sit Down
  • 11. Marbles
  • 12. Vertigo
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31 July 2020 / More records