Mike Donovan Meets The Mighty Flashlight

Release date:
October 13, 2023
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Ticker-tape and soot cascade through the air as Michael Donovan's parade rolls on unabated, this time in collab with The Mighty Flashlight! Mike ‘n Mighty lead us into a hard-stereo maze of sweet and hot noise: art punk utterance and top 40 radio junk of yore, the primitive nature of recorded sound, liminal chamber-folk, honkytonk and disassociated garage-psyche. We’re hung from hooks and shot through with eargregious details – and we love it! 1. Planet Metley 2. Amalgam Wagon 3. The Godly Orator 4. A Capitol Pitch 5. Whistledown 6. Mr. Eepwell 7. Pollardian Jack 8. Sadfinger Meets The Mighty Flashlight 9. Wild Strip/Beeline Subway 10. Total Devastation 11. John The Alarmist 12. Laurel Lotus Dub 13. Our Liberty

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