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Miho Nakayama - Hide 'N' Seek

Miho Nakayama

Hide 'N' Seek

Release date: February 24, 2023
Label: King Records
First reissue of a rare analogue from the late 80's! Anri, Cindy, Yuji Toriyama and others participated in the composition team for this work, which has a strong taste following the previous work 'ANGEL HEARTS'. This album incorporates an array of musical genres: 'DESTINY' incorporating new jazz swing, crystal urban city pop 'VIRGIN EYES' which blurs the night view of the city, and a remake of Toshio Kadomatsu's blockbuster ballad 'YOU'RE MY ONLY SHININ' STAR' is also featured. Includes recorded version. At that time, the media was in the transition period to CD, so the original analog board is extremely rare! The long-awaited analog reissue.
  • 1. Party Down
  • 2. Hide 'N' Seek
  • 3. Destiny
  • 4. Naked Cruising
  • 5. Endless My First Love
  • 6. Virgin Eyes (Edit Version
  • 7. Stardust Lovers
  • 8. Island Blue
  • 9. Split Love
  • 10. You're My Only Shinin' Star
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