Miguel Mendez A Sleep Disaster

Release date:
July 10, 2020
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Miguel Mendez follows up his 2016 sophomore release 'Love Is For The Rich' (named #9 country album of the year by Uproxx) with his most mesmerizing collection yet. Miguel's passion for both country and electronics has always landed his sound somewhere both completely familiar and strangely unknown at the same time. Through the sounds of 'A Sleep Disaster', which push these distinctions even further into an alternate universe, one's experience is like hearing everything you love for the first time again, with a completely new understanding. Guest appearances from Farmer Dave Sher (Beachwood Sparks, Interpol+++) and Pearl Charles add tho a richness of both rugged and futuristic sounds, often composed into sweeping epic tracks. Miguel's vocals are delivered with deep romanticism, perfect for the coarse lyrics within. At the end though, Miguel Mendez does it all with a sense of ease.

  • 1. Out There
  • 2. Welcome to Hell
  • 3. Opposite Sex
  • 4. Excerpt from a Sleep Disaster
  • 5. The War
  • 6. Before It Blows
  • 7. Tease Them Away
  • 8. Off and on
  • 9. Dumb After All

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