Midnight Shox of Violence

Release date:
October 27, 2023
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Since 2003, Cleveland, OH's Midnight have been peddling their classic homage of self styled Black Rock N' Roll, building up sizable catalog for their ever growing fanbase. "Shox Of Violence." corrals all of Midnight's early EPs and splits into one savory collection of heavy metal madness. "Shox Of Violence" features four (at the time of original release) new songs plus a covers of Venom's "Too Loud For The Crowd" that was available exclusively to subscribers of Decibel magazine, some super-rowdy live tracks and a handful of covers of Midnight favorites from The Spits, Quiet Riot, Girlschool, The Pagans, Australia's Taipan and NWOBHM cult Crucifixion among others.

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