Midnight Complete & Total Hell

Release date:
October 27, 2023
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The 21-track "Complete and Total Hell" double LP features MIDNIGHT's pre-"Satanic Royalty" catalog. Back in print for the collectors of sleazy night dwelling Black Rock N' Roll. Don't miss out on your chance to add to your collection, grab these classic tracks for the first time. NO CLEAN SINGIN: "Complete and Total Hell flows well as an album, even though it is a compilation. "Funeral Bell" opens with some Bathory-style atmosphere, and then the record pumps out track after track of chunky and distorted riffs. The early tracks sound like they were recorded straight to cassette in a basement over a boombox-which they may have been. The raw recording works in their favor since the songs emerge from simple building blocks. As the record progresses you can actually hear more and more money flow into Midnight's recording-the guitar solos clear up, the bass rumbles deeper, until the music breaks into jangly boogie rock on "Berlin is Burning," over an hour later. Yes, an hour"

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