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Michryc - Under The Surface


Under The Surface

Release date: December 16, 2022
Label: Cold Busted
Vinyl LP pressing. Cold Busted squeezes fresh-style beats from freestyle football with the label's latest signing, Michryc. Also known as Michal Rycaj, Polish beat-maker, and guitarist Michryc is also a three-time freestyle football world champion. A quick web search will reveal his fancy footwork and gravity-defying moves. Choreographic prowess fuels and inspires Michryc's accomplished debut album, Under The Surface. Rhythms glide and flow over 12 smooth cuts, accompanied by cool keys, funky guitar riffs, and choice vocal drops. Under The Surface is a dynamic debut, filled with skilled and playful feats, just as Michryc is known for in his other profession.
  • 1. Something Deep Down
  • 2. Panorama
  • 3. Monkeys in the Jungle
  • 4. Down Easy
  • 5. Time Machine
  • 6. Invaders
  • 7. Night Train
  • 8. Supertrio
  • 9. Body and Soul
  • 10. Let It Go
  • 11. Dark Nights of the S
  • 12. Gaps
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