Michael Wookey Truelove $ Day

Release date:
January 20, 2023
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Truelove $ Day is the third album of Michael Wookey for our label. It's title is borrowed from a photo that one of his friends took when they were 16. The photo stayed framed on the walls of Michael's various apartments over the years, in London and Paris. In the photo we see a mysterious door, behind a shop, where the enigmatic title is written. After several albums Michael felt free enough to call upon this moment in his life when he was 16. Recorded between tours and several trips abroad (his native England, Iceland with his friends and Israel with his partner) Michael Wookey managed to compose 11 new songs both powerful and personal, with an intimate tone yet still orchestrated so the listener can appreciate the melodies effortlessly. This time the album was produced with childhood friend Peter Lyons (of Peter and Kerry), who was able to follow his musical desires from the start, Truelove $ Day is a new confirmation of the exceptional talent of Michael Wookey and of his potential to touch a wider audience.

  • 1. First Time Caller
  • 2. Scarecrow
  • 3. Ruled By You
  • 4. My Handsome Father
  • 5. Rock Me
  • 6. Get Gone
  • 7. Show Me What You Got
  • 8. Can I Keep You
  • 9. Go Drink Coffee
  • 10. Oxford Bella
  • 11. Goodbye Horses

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