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July 19, 2024
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In 1990 the Chapel Hill, North Carolina music scene was bubbling up into a soon-to be-legendary froth and at its center was a mysterious band called Metal Flake Mother. As bands like Polvo and Archers of Loaf were all just forming, they all looked up to and often opened for Metal Flake Mother during the height of this cultural tipping point. While the previous sonic template of the region had been set by bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Flat Duo Jets and a very early form of Superchunk, Metal Flake Mother were the first to reach for a kind of Beatles-esque form of indie-rock and cut a timeless record that could build a bridge out to the burgeoning national scene. But before that could happen the band tragically broke up and their lost masterpiece "Beyond the Java Sea" was never released on LP. The arrival of this new release "Metal Flake Mother, Songs 1989-1991", will mark the first time any of their tracks recorded with Boston legend Lou Giordano have ever been on vinyl. This release will be limited to only 500 copies. 1. Tongue Long 2. Open a Vase 3. The Inquisition 4. Wingtip Lizards 5. Dance for Nails 6. Got a Lot of Blood 7. Safer 8. Matador 9. Squash Beetle 10. Mean to Me 11. Ballroom 12. Sutpen 13. Moss Howl 14. Mr. Flavor 15. Deem-On

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