Mess Under Attack

Release date:
May 17, 2024
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With all eyes seemingly on the international streetpunk scene during a time of boundless creativity, Guadalajara's MESS stand poised to make a global impact. Influenced by the classic sounds of Oi! and UK82, the band brings a raw but catchy sensibility to their street level rock 'n roll anthems, sung mostly in English with a little Spanish. After making a huge impression with their opening salvo of singles and EPs as well as a split with UK heroes The Chisel, the 14-song LP Under Attack is MESS's most fully formed creative vision to date, showcasing a timeless sound across songs like Leave Me Alone, Fueled by Rage, and the impossibly catchy mid-tempo anthem In the City. Taken together, this is the sound of the streets, tough as nails, but with an appeal to the human spirit of survival in a bleak society. Under Attack is the world according to MESS. Originally released last year in Europe, the time has come for this extraordinary debut LP to go worldwide. And keep your eyes out for a Pirates Press Records pressing of the band's early 12 EP Intercity as well!

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