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Mermaidens - Look Me In The Eye


Look Me In The Eye

Release date: September 20, 2019
Label: Flying Nun
Format: LP Album
Hypnotic post-punk trio Mermaidens share Look Me in the Eye, a lively 9 track inferno for your mind. Exploring power and control in a confronting new lens, the trio are focused on the gatekeepers and dominators of the world; dissecting their power, one song at a time.
  • 1. Crying In The Office
  • 2. Sleeptalker
  • 3. Millennia
  • 4. I Might Disappear
  • 5. The Cut
  • 6. She's Running
  • 7. Bastards
  • 8. Best To Hate The Man
  • 9. Priorities
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20 September 2019 / More records