Melting Hand - Faces Of Earth

Melting Hand

Faces Of Earth

Release date: November 09, 2018
Format: Colored Vinyl
1st pressing 250 copies on bubblegum pink vinyl LP. Heavy weight cardboard,, download code included. Melting Hand return with new LP Faces Of Earth following their 2016 debut Highcollider (Hominid Sounds HOSO01), and a lot has changed. In that time the band have said goodbye to Russell Smith (Terminal Cheesecake/Skullflower) who found the cross-channel trips from his French home logistically too difficult to continue. For Faces of Earth original members Gordon Watson (Terminal Cheesecake/Luminous Bodies), Tom Fug (Gum Takes Tooth/Luminous Bodies/Wart Biter) and Mike Vest (Bong/11 Paranoias/Blown Out) have welcomed the arrival of Marion Andrau on guitar (The Wharves/Underground Railroad) and Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Pet Brick) on synth to round out their collective. The new additions and an inspiration from jazz great Joe Henderson drive Faces Of Earth into unfamiliar yet spectacular territory. Quite the departure, Faces Of Earth is a startling listen. Rhythm and energy push you into deep space straight from the start of opener Dirt . Less guitar focused than its predecessor, bass and drums are running the show creating an entirely different Melting Hand, a dynamic powerhouse. Joe Henderson's presence is felt as the band take on his classic Earth . Joined by Lower Slaughter's Sinead Young, who provides the vocals, their homage is a perfect tribute to the man, taking inspiration and pushing sonically into new landscapes. Terra ramps up the pace with Johnny Halifax (Johnny Halifax and the Howling Truth) joining the band for a blown out stomp that comes on like ZZ Top on some particularly sketchy speed. WIth Gaia and Dirt closing out the album, Melting Hand have clearly taken a journey into the unfamiliar, and have reaped the rewards creating a piece of work that cannot easily be categorised. Faces of Earth is one hell of a record, and one that we are immensely proud to be releasing. Personnel: Gordon Watson (bass) Marion Andrau (guitar) Tom Fug (drums) Wayne Adams (synth) Mike Vest (guitar) Additional appearances: Sinead Young ( Earth ) Johnny Halifax ( Terra

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09 November 2018 / More records

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