Md Pallavi Remixes From The Clouds

Release date:
November 24, 2023
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Two classically trained musicians from vastly different traditions, Md Pallavi and Andi Otto came together to create a jewel of a record in 'Songs for Broken Ships' and Multi Culti have whipped up a stunning remix package for it featuring Simone de Kunovich, Auntie Flo, Peter Power, Kaleema and more.Hailing from Bangalore, trained in Hindustani music and poetry since childhood, Md Pallavi's beautiful voice makes an elegant companion to cellist / composer / producer Andi Otto's idiosyncratic and unconventional style. Andi's music has featured on labels such as Shika Shika and Pingipung (which he co-runs and curates) and, of course, Multi Culti, who released his previous album 'Bow Wave' which featured his first collaboration with Pallavi.While the heart of 'Songs for Broken Ships' showcased the duo's unique meld of cross-cultural folktronica and acoustic ballads with Md Pallavi's poetic Kannada verses at the core, 'Remixes from the Clouds' reframes these elements for a vast spectrum of electronic listeners and club goers. An ethereal hypnotic techno re-interpretation of 'Prayer to the Cloud' from Italian producer Simone de Kunovich. Scottish ambient maestro and mushroom aficionado Auntie Flo's ecstatic reinterpretation of 'Clockshop'. Multi Culti veteran downtempo wizard Peter Power's organic and earthy rendition of 'Prayer to the Cloud.' The mystic sounds of Kaleema breathing new percussive life into 'Clockshop'. The package concludes with a 'prayer-a-pella' version of 'Prayer to the Clouds', spotlighting Md Pallavi's vocals in their purest form, for DJs and producers seeking to slather their rhythms with spiritual voice.

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