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Mc Lars - The Zombie Dinosaur Clear Blue

Mc Lars

The Zombie Dinosaur Clear Blue

Release date: May 17, 2019
Format: LP Album
MC Lars has released 4 albums, 4 EPs, 3 collaborative releases, and 7 mix tapes. The Zombie Dinosaur LP is MC Lars' 4th full length album, originally released on Nov 6, 2015. It charted at #34 on the billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums, the week of November 18th, 2015. The album also peaked at #15 on the Billboard Heatseakers chart. Oglio Records and Toxic Toast Records is bringing this album to vinyl for the first time, limited to a run of 1,000 on clear blue vinyl. The album features a unique line up of featured artists including Kook Keith, Stza (of punk band Leftover Crack),Roger Lima (of ska/punk band Less Than Jake), Wheatus and the band Suburban Legends.
  • 1. "Where Ya Been Lars?" II 02:05
  • 2. "Zombie T-Rex" (featuring STZA Crack of Leftöver Crack) 04:03
  • 3. "Sublime with Rome (Is Not the Same Thing as Sublime)" (featuring Roger Lima of Less Than Jake & Suburban Legends) 02:03
  • 4. "Hipster Mom" 04:24
  • 5. "Dragon Blood" 03:00
  • 6. "If I Were a Jedi (That Would be Hella Awesome)" (featuring Brian Mazzaferri of I Fight Dragons) 02:02
  • 7. "Never Afraid" (featuring Watsky) 04:17
  • 8. "The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date" 01:45
  • 9. "The Ballad of Hans Moleman" 03:23
  • 10. "The Dip" (featuring Kool Keith) 05:36
  • 11. "Party with Lars" (featuring Spose) 01:11
  • 12. "Forgot About Jack" 03:33
  • 13. "Triforce" 03:30
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