Max Gerl Max Gerl

Release date:
May 31, 2024
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After the November, 2019 unreleased Blaque Dynamite session, we kept in touch with Dallas-born, L.A. bassist Max Gerl. In December, 2019 Max independently released the EP Tblisi. That release was played a lot in Mr. Cohn's headphones that winter, and after Max played New York City one night, we met him in person and were impressed with his genial personality, which belied his fiery bass attack and seriousness of purpose. We agreed to work together. As we continued to develop our fascination with Gerl, and became aware that Stanley Clarke would produce his solo bass LP, we were set for our first JMI recording road trip. United Studios in sunny Los Angeles at Christmastime, 2022 was like a dream. Mr. Clarke spread wisdom and love at the session like he was an oracle of sound, which of course he is. Guest star engineer Sebastian Krys and colorful assistant engineer Daniel Galindo dialed in some incredible sounds on Sunset Boulevard. Cover designed by Mr. Mandel based on his photography.

  • 1. Patience to Find the Start of the Journey's Path
  • 2. Jimmy's House Painting
  • 3. For Rinat
  • 4. Contradiction (Improvisation)
  • 5. Allegro (Improvisation)
  • 6. Lento (Improvisation)
  • 7. Language of the Unheard
  • 8. Choice (Improvisation)
  • 9. Elegy (Improvisation)
  • 10. Let's Cool One
  • 11. Postlude (Improvisation)

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