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Matt The Electrician - We Imagined An Ending

Matt The Electrician

We Imagined An Ending

Release date: December 23, 2022
Matt the Electrician’s new studio album, We Imagined An Ending, was produced by Tucker Martine. The end result sounds both unlike any other album he has made to date and like quintessential Matt the Electrician: eclectic but inviting, adventurous but cozy, and buoyed by a disarming sense of whimsy that belies the earnest pangs of loss and heartbreak lingering around the edges and between the lines. Of the first single, “Home Again”, Rolling Stone says, “The guitars are Big Star bright, the harmonies choir-like, and Matt’s own delivery a jolt of clarity in a cacophonous world. It’s a journey to zen, in just under four minutes.”
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