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Matt Morton - Apollo 11 Soundtrack

Matt Morton

Apollo 11 Soundtrack

Release date: July 19, 2019
Label: Milan Records
Syle: Soundtracks
Apollo 11 is a documentary film directed by Todd Douglas Miller. The documentary focuses on the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, the first spaceflight to land humans on the Moon. The film is an unprecedented look at the historic undertaking, featuring unreleased 70mm footage from NASA and the National Archives covering the launch and recovery of Apollo 11. The film has received universal acclaim following its premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. The score to Apollo 11 was composed by multi-instrumentalist Matt Morton. He has produced an incredible soundtrack using only instruments available at the time of the Moon landing. With them, he has created a masterpiece of electronic music that is both recognizably poignant and otherworldly. It is the perfect accompaniment to the astral journey onscreen. Milan Records is proud to release the soundtrack to Apollo 11 on vinyl. The LP release will feature selections of Matt Morton’s score pressed on 180g black vinyl and housed in printed eurosleeves inside a dress jacket.
  • 1. The Burdens and the Hopes
  • 2. Countdown
  • 3. Liftoff and Staging
  • 4. Translunar Injection
  • 5. Eagle Extraction
  • 6. Translunar Journey
  • 7. Lunar Orbit Insertion
  • 8. Powered Descent
  • 9. We Landed on the Moon
  • 10. Number One on the Runway
  • 11. Rendezvous
  • 12. Transearth Injection
  • 13. A Special Thank You
  • 14. Welcome Home
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