Release date:
June 28, 2024
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After more than three decades as a member of such indie rock luminaries as New Radiant Storm King, Silver Jews, and Savak, multi-instrumentalist Matt Hunter tries his hand as bandleader, working with a group of longtime musicians from bands like King Missile, Yo La Tengo, Band of Susans, The Sharp Things, and Phantom Tollbooth. The result is a collection of mature, well-written songs, expertly played, simultaneously diverse and cohesive, each track surrounding Hunter's grizzled, road-weary, campfire songs with skillful musicianship.

  • 1. Sandcastle Row
  • 2. Morning Light
  • 3. The Narrator
  • 4. Franz
  • 5. Reindeer Soul
  • 6. Night Cattle
  • 7. Calumet City
  • 8. Butter and the Batter
  • 9. Weed Garden
  • 10. Take Your Sweet Time
  • 11. Story of a Supergroup

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