Mass When 2 Worlds Collide

Release date:
May 3, 2019
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Escape Music pleased to announce the release of Mass new album When 2 World Collide on Coloured Vinyl Transparent Purple, 180 grams, limited edition 500 copies only! All numbered! Boston s hard rock legends Mass have had numerous accomplishments over the years but most notably is the selling of over half a million albums worldwide! Mass are legends in the USA and have a good strong following in Europe where they have released eight studio albums on labels such as A&M, RCA, Enigma and of course Escape Music. They have worked with such producers as Tom Allom (Judas Priest), Jon Mathias (Joe Cocker), Tony Platt (Cheap Trick / Led Zep) and Michael Sweet (Stryper) who has also contributed to this very release. They have toured with Scorpions, Cinderella, Molly Hatchet, Tesla, The Ramones, Kix, Vince Neil to name but a few...Mass first started recording music in the early eighties and since then have released 7 studio recordings and with When 2 Worlds Collide this will be their 8th studio album. Their music can only be described as Melodic Hard Rock of the highest order; they certainly have a pedigree in this type of music and they hail from Boston too, home of the band of the very same name! In fact Louis from Mass has sung on the Boston album Love, Life and Hope . Mass are an institution and if you are still unfamiliar with their music then this is a time to put things right. This new album is riddled with classic tunes that every melodic hard rock fan would want to hear if you love the hard edged US rock sound. These guys are the best in their field, go and check them out. Track Listing: Just Can t Deny; Only A Dream; Falling In Love; Alive; Second Hand Rose; Turn it Over; Revenge for the Maiden; Some Time Ago; Stand Alone; Time Marches On; When 2 Worlds Collide.

  • 1. Just Can't Deny
  • 2. Only A Dream
  • 3. Falling in Love
  • 4. Alive
  • 5. Second Hand Rose
  • 6. Turn It Over
  • 7. Revenge for the Maiden
  • 8. Some Time Ago
  • 9. Stand Alone
  • 10. Time Marches On
  • 11. When 2 Worlds Collide

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