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Mary J. Blige - Herstory Vol. 1 Singles 8 Discs

Mary J. Blige

Herstory Vol. 1 Singles 8 Discs (2xLP)

Release date: December 06, 2019
Label: Ume
Format: 7" , Box Set
From her debut, which established her as the Queen Of Hip-Hop soul, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, and Philanthropist Mary J. Blige has remained a global symbol of female empowerment and perseverance. HERstory the 7 inch boxset collection of 16 hits and rare remixes, is a highly curated look into the multi-faceted sounds of an unforgettable era in music. From her solo hits like 'You Remind Me', to the remix of 'What's The 411' featuring Notorious B.I.G and K-CI (of Jodeci) the box set is a definitive look at a moment in time when sounds were coalescing and Mary was establishing herself as a tour de force in R&B. The box set features 8 individual 7inch records, in a beautiful package that celebrates Mary's Bronx, New York roots.
  • 1. You Remind Me (Side A)
  • 2. You Remind Me (Bentley's Mix) (Side B)
  • 3. Real Love (Side A)
  • 4. Real Love (Hip Hop Mix feat Notorious BIG) (Side B)
  • 5. Reminisce (Bad Boy Remix) (Side A)
  • 6. Love No Limit (Puff Daddy Mix) (Side B)
  • 7. You Don't Have To Worry (Album Radio Mix) (Side A)
  • 8. You Don't Have To Worry (Remix Main With Clean Rap) (Side B)
  • 9. What's the 411 (Puba Mix) (Side A)
  • 10. What's the 411 (Notorious BIG and K-Ci) (Side B)
  • 11. Be Happy (Side A)
  • 12. Be Happy (Bad Boy Butter Mix feat. Keith Murray) (Side B)
  • 13. Mary Jane (All Night Long) (Side A)
  • 14. I Love You (Remix feat. Smif n Wesson) - Up Digitally For The First Time (Side B)
  • 15. You Bring Me Joy (Side A)
  • 16. I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By (Puff Daddy Mix feat. Method Man) (Side B)
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06 December 2019 / More records