Martyn Joseph This Is What I Want to Say

Release date:
February 9, 2024
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'This Is What I Want To Say' the product of a 40 year musical journey. Highs and lows, anger and joy, belief and doubt reflected in raw and honest observations of Martyn Joseph's sojourn and the state of play today. A stripped back acoustic render reflects his weapon of choice that has provided hope and solace and a commentary of companionship to a worldwide army of ardent fans for decades through his passionate commitment to social justice, mystery, and love. 'From a vast goodbye to a small hello' he writes in 'Folding', the opening song of surrender and resilience, and where else would you find an album calling for the elimination of a tyrant alongside a call for greater love and empathy. Embracing the contradictions and beauty with a fearless pen, Joseph continues to cut an impressive path. If you're looking for truth, these songs will anchor you to a horizon of hope.

  • 1. Folding
  • 2. Pacific Northwest
  • 3. Albert's Place
  • 4. Grateful
  • 5. I'd Take You Out
  • 6. Waiting for the Rain
  • 7. Take Me to Love
  • 8. Don't Need No Cathedral
  • 9. It's a Fine Thing
  • 10. You're Still Here
  • 11. Without You

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