Marty Stuart The Pilgrim

Release date:
October 18, 2019
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The Pilgrim is the 10th studio album from Marty Stuart, originally released in 1999. A concept album, it tells the story of a man (The Pilgrim) from Marty Stuart's hometown of Philadelphia, Mississippi. Marty plays the role of the Pilgrim, as well as other roles. The album features many country/bluegrass legends as guest stars, including Emmylou Harris, Pam Tillis, George Jones, Ralph Stanley, Earl Scruggs and Marty's old boss, Johnny Cash. First time on vinyl. 2-LP black vinyl. Includes 8 track bonus CD w/ alternate & demo versions of tracks from the album

  • 1. Intro (Side A)
  • 2. Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain (Side A)
  • 3. The Pilgrim (Act I) (Side A)
  • 4. Harlan County (Side A)
  • 5. Reasons (Side A)
  • 6. Love Can Go To... (Side B)
  • 7. Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs (Side B)
  • 8. 8.Truck Stop (Side B)
  • 9. Hobo's Prayer (Side B)
  • 10. Goin' Nowhere Fast (Side B)
  • 11. The Observations Of A Crow (Side C)
  • 12. Intermission (Side C)
  • 13. The Greatest Love Of All Time (Side C)
  • 14. The Greatest Love Of All Time (Reprise) (Side C)
  • 15. Draggin' Around These Chains Of Love (Side C)
  • 16. The Pilgrim (Act II) (Side D)
  • 17. Redemption (Side D)
  • 18. The Pilgrim (Act III) (Side D)
  • 19. Outro (Side D)
  • 20. Mr. John Henry, Steel Driving Man (Side D)
  • 21. The Pilgrim Act IV (unreleased alternate take) (Side E)
  • 22. That'll be All Right (unreleased) (Side E)
  • 23. Been Lonely Too Long (unreleased Pilgrim project demo) (Side E)
  • 24. I Think We're In Texas (Side E)
  • 25. Shout Little Lulie (Side E)
  • 26. Call and Response (Side E)
  • 27. Evalina (Side E)
  • 28. Tennessee Wagoner (Side E)
  • 29. Even Trains Have To Cry (Side E)
  • 30. The Vanishing (Side E)

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