Marnie Stern The Comeback Kid

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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Visionary guitarist Marnie Stern bursts in like a shower of stardust on The Comeback Kid. "This record is about reassuring yourself that happiness is not about what kind of things you have or how many things you have or what you don't have-it's about all the good things you do."

  • 1. Plain Speak
  • 2. Believing Is Seeing
  • 3. The Natural
  • 4. Oh Are They
  • 5. Forward
  • 6. Working Memory
  • 7. Il Girotondo Della Note
  • 8. Til It's Over
  • 9. Nested
  • 10. Earth Eater
  • 11. Get It Good
  • 12. One and the Same

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