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September 9, 2022
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My Boy, the third solo record from New Zealand singer/songwriter Marlon Williams, announces an artist emerging anew. Gone is thesolemn, country-indebted crooner with the velvet voice - in his place comes aplayful, shapeshifting creature.Following the release of his second album, 2018's Make Way ForLove, Williams' toured the world, playing major festivals and collaborating withLorde, Yo-Yo Ma and Florence Welch. He also forged a fledgling acting careerwith roles in films The True History of the Kelly Gang and Netflix series SweetTooth, as well as a cameo in Oscar winning film A Star Is Born. My Boy parlaysthis flush of worldly experience into a vivid record as spirited and kinetic asthe unfolding life of it's performer. "I've always explored different characterelements in my music," says Williams. "And the more I get into acting, the moretricks I'm learning about representation and presentation. To get braver andbolder with exploring shifting contexts and new ways of doing things."As the pandemic paused global travel, Williams found himself athome in New Zealand, reconnecting with family and friends. Soon new demosand lyrical themes emerged: of self-identity and escapism; tribalism and agnarled family tree; and ruminations on the role of masculinity and mateship.Co-produced with Tom Healy and recorded at Roundhead Studiosin New Zealand, My Boy finds Williams' leading a new band through a set ofgenre-hopping tunes: from the cheery sway of 'My Boy' and chugging '80s noirsheen of 'Thinking Of Nina', to the charging synth of 'River Rival', and the sultrypop jam 'Don't Go Back.' All this sonic and emotional whiplash is intentional,and ultimately My Boy sees Williams having f

  • 1. My Boy
  • 2. Easy Does It
  • 3. River Rival
  • 4. My Heart the Wormhole
  • 5. Princes Walk
  • 6. Don't Go Back
  • 7. Soft Boys Make the Grade
  • 8. Thinking of Nina
  • 9. Morning Crystals
  • 10. Trips
  • 11. Promises

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