Maria Callas La Divina - Compilation Assoluta Maria Callas Best Of

Release date:
November 10, 2023
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Maria Callas is credited with changing the history of opera. Known as La Divina, she continues to fascinate as a supreme artist, but also as a woman and an icon of style. Her interpretations were as compelling for their dramatic truth as for their musical integrity. Her voice, with it's extraordinary range, was as distinctive as her infallible sense for a phrase. A magnetic presence, she brought operatic heroines to vivid life, magically shaping and colouring her tone, and making insightful use of the text of the libretto. Assoluta Maria Callas BEST OF LIMITED EDITION CRYSTAL VINYL is a glittering selection of opera favorites that showcases, both in the studio (Side A) and on stage (Side B), her unique voice and her heartbreaking portrayal of tragic heroines.This LP has a completely different tracklist than the other best of LP La divina.

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