Mari Boine Gula Gula - Horstammodrenesstemme

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December 1, 2023
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For more than 30 years, Sami-Norwegian folk pioneer Mari Boine has captivated fans with her eclectic mixture of indigenous culture with folk and world music. The singer does not only fulfill a pioneering role when it comes to music, but also when it comes to the fight of preserving the culture of the Norwegian Sami people and the natural world. The earth is our mother, and if she is harmed, we are harming ourselves. This message lies at the core of Mari's legendary album Gula Gula, which will be re-released through By Norse in December 2023. Originally, Gula Gula was released on the label that Mari Boine founded with her former husband. The album was then discovered by Peter Gabriel and released worldwide on his label Real World Records, introducing the folk artist to international audiences, who welcomed her with open arms. With Gula Gula won Mari her first Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy Award) in 1989. For this exclusive re-issue, the original recording tapes from 1989 were located and two previously unreleased tracks from the Gula Gula studio sessions were discovered. The original producer TellefKvifte mixed the two songs. The authentic producer notes have been included in this edition and the artwork has been re-envisioned by the original designer MadlaHruza.

  • 1. Gula Gula
  • 2. Vilges Suola
  • 3. Balu Badjel Go Vuoittãn
  • 4. Du Lahka
  • 5. It at Duolmma Mu
  • 6. Eadnãn Bãkti
  • 7. Oppskrift for Herrefolk
  • 8. Duinne
  • 9. Davás (Bonus Track)
  • 10. Gi Meg Handa Di, Søster (Bonus Track)

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