Marconi Union Weightless

Release date:
July 28, 2023
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Originally released in 2014 and their most successful album to date, the band's 7th studio album Weightless (Ambient l Transmissions Vol 2) is now to be released on vinyl. The album includes the now iconic and seminal track Weightless together with 5 more tracks, the latter derived from the ideas of the former, simply entitled Part 1 – Part 6. The tracks are minimal, combining warm drones and drifting sounds with occasional sparse rhythms. The inspiration for the album came after the band were commissioned to collaborate with a sound therapist from the British Academy of Sound Therapy and write a piece of relaxing music, the frst "Weightless" track. When scientifcally tested for its effectiveness scientists reported that their research indicated that the music slowed the heart rate, reduced blood pressure and decreased levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress. When the research was made public there was an instant and intense media reaction which continues to this day 1. Weightless Part 1 2. Weightless Part 2 3. Weightless Part 3 4. Weightless Part 4 5. Weightless Part 5 6. Weightless Part 6

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