Mali Velasquez I'm Green

Release date:
December 15, 2023
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When Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mali Velasquez traded her Texas panhandle home for the verdant foothills of Tennessee, she did so with a newfound perspective that mirrored her environment, culminating in the lushly raw edge of her folk-rooted indie rock. Wistfully openhearted and incisive, Velasquez tips the fulcrum between reflection and remedy with melody-forward unction and lyrical tenderness. Her forthcoming debut, I'm Green, is a perennial introspection into the wild animal of young adulthood and the renewing realization that the person we're most often seeking permission from, crucially, is ourselves. Her outward frustrations often turn inward as a mirror and as a chance to reflect on her longest relationship to date: the relationship she has with herself. I'm Green is the result of these reflections becoming meditations on the transformative power of both loss and shame and what emerges when we allow ourselves to surrender to their potential.

  • 1. Bobby
  • 2. Shove
  • 3. Decider
  • 4. Tore
  • 5. Clovers
  • 6. Turn Red
  • 7. Medicine
  • 8. Horse Trough
  • 9. Death Grip

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