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Mal Devisa - Kiid Maroon

Mal Devisa

Kiid Maroon

Release date: October 28, 2022
Mal Devisa is the songwriting, liberation, and poetry project of multifarious artist Deja Carr. Starting in 2014 and breaking through with 2016"s Kiid, Mal Devisa's work spans a selfmade spectrum of sound from gravitic, soulful rock to soliloquy to unabashed hip hop. Although known for her unmistakable, smoldering voice and loop-based, bass-forward compositions, Carr's talents also extend to reaches of spoken word and production, paralleled by aspirations to start both a youth foundation and Afrobeat orchestra. Such boundless inspiration is a central facet of Mal Devisa's work, whose sonically and narratively unrestrained passages teem with empathy and liberatory visions for a better world.

In My Neighborhood
Everybody Knows
Live Again
Sea of Limbs Intro
Sea Of Limbs
Forget That
Judy Bloom - Bonus Track
Next Stop - Bonus Track</p>
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