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July 19, 2024
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Composed, written, arranged and produced by Maïa over a period of several years, she dug deep, starting with the basics: her voice and her flute, her primary instruments. She then builds around them, but without embellishment. The result is raw, airy and profound, but also quirky, funny and sometimes grating, for example when she talks about feminism or anti-Asian racism.

  • 1. Al'endroit
  • 2. A L'envers
  • 3. Chansons
  • 4. Ondo
  • 5. Le P'tit Dej
  • 6. L'amitié
  • 7. Ogiyodiora
  • 8. Le Courant
  • 9. Etranger
  • 10. Boule Qui Roule
  • 11. L'amitié

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