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 Mahler - Symphony 4 In G Major


Symphony 4 In G Major

Release date: November 15, 2019
Label: Vinyl Passion
Otto Klemperer was the third and youngest of Mahler's three "protégées" who promoted his music after his death (the other two were Willem Mengelberg and Bruno Walter). The first movement is taken by Klemperer at a comfortable tempo. Klemperer's insistence on precise and perfectly audible enunciation in winds and brass pays dividends throughout, as also do his divided violins at his left and right. The theme and variations 3rd movement keeps pulse so it comes through in a way that appears faster than it actually is, and works as fine as one can possibly aspire. And he continues this through the Scherzo, the Adagio and the finale, the "children's view of heaven," beautifully sung by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.
  • 1. I. Heiter, Bedächtig. Nicht Eilen
  • 2. II. in Gemächlicher Bewegung. Ohne Hast
  • 3. III. Ruhevoll
  • 4. IV. Sehr Behaglich
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15 November 2019 / More records