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Mad Max Wings Of Time (Gold)

Release date:
November 18, 2022
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The "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" was the starting point for Mad Max founder and guitarist Jürgen Breforth in 1982 to make his musical dreams come true. In 2022, after 15 albums and concerts around the world, Mad Max celebrates the band's 40th anniversary with the new album "Wings Of Time". But no trace of standstill, singer Michael Voss and bassist Thomas "Hutch" Bauer have left the band, with Julian Rolinger on lead vocals and Fabian "Fabs" Ranft on bass, Mad Max perfectly capture the style and vibe of their 80s, but also bring the Mad Max sound one step further. The first single "Too Hot To Handle" is a heavy melodic rocker with a magical groove that sounds hard like a US band. "Best Part Of Me" was inspired by the wonderful spirit of Jimi Jamison of Survivor. With Wings Of Time you will discover the new Mad Max, but there are also many classic guitar riffs and melodies for all the loyal fans who have kept the Mad Max ghost alive for 40 years. For fans of Dokken, Europe, Praying Mantis or Tygers Of Pan Tang.

  • 1. Too Hot to Handle
  • 2. Days of Passion
  • 3. A Woman Like That
  • 4. Best Part of Me
  • 5. Rock Solid
  • 6. The Stage Is for You
  • 7. When It Stops
  • 8. Stormchild Rising
  • 9. Heroes Never Die
  • 10. Miss Sacrifice
  • 11. Freedom

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