Mac Dre The Genie Of The Lamp

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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S.F. Bay Area rap legend Mac Dre (R.I.P.) as another of his alter ego rap personas. "The Genie of the Lamp" is the doppelganger of Ronald Dregan, yet they share the same voice and interests, food, fame, females, phat fu, and 'fetti - not necessarily in that order. 15 tracks make up this counterpart to Mac Dre's other election year (2004) release, "Ronald Dregan - Dreganomics" (THZ 1065). Production by Tone Capone, Mac Dre, Gennessee, Shouman, One Drop Scott, Traxx, Harm, Johah Whale, Syko, Rob-Lo, and others. X-RATED. In a gatefold sleeve with unique marbleized color vinyl - one gold and one purple.

  • 1. Genie of the Lamp
  • 2. She Neva Seen
  • 3. Early Retirement
  • 4. Out There
  • 5. My Alphabets
  • 6. Err Thang
  • 7. Non Discriminant
  • 8. Hear Me Now?
  • 9. I Feed My B-TCH
  • 10. Not My Job
  • 11. Hotel, Motel
  • 12. 2 Times & Pass
  • 13. Make You Mine
  • 14. Crest SH-T
  • 15. Bonus Track

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