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M.t. Hadley - Empty

M.t. Hadley


Release date: December 13, 2019
Label: Pias America
Format: LP Album
M.T. Hadley has been praised for his thoughtful introspection and candid lyricism, which shine a light on the darker parts of life and encourage us to accept the duality of everything. His debut album, Empty, is nine songs in the key of accepting pain. He cites as influences classic songwriters like Joan Armatrading, Scott Walker and Todd Rundgren, alongside contemporary pop artists such as Ed Sheeran. Empty, he says, is how people often feel. He hopes the record makes listeners feel worse, and then better, because he doesn't think anybody can ever feel better without first feeling worse. M.T. Hadley has crafted a hopeless pop masterpiece that finds inspiration in the void with an air of timelessness.
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13 December 2019 / More records