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Lucrecia Dalt - No Era Sslida

Lucrecia Dalt

No Era Sslida

Release date: September 11, 2020
Label: Rvng Int'l
Vinyl LP pressing. Lucrecia Dalt presents No era so´lida, an introspective path to unworldly surroundings where self becomes sound, and a compass for the searchers of musical possession. For her follow-up full-length to 2018's Anticlines, Dalt relinquishes control of the corporeal to reach imagination's outer realm. Where Anticlines framed the physical processes of matter changing state, No era so´lida observes a transition in Dalt herself through the emergence of Lia: an apparition, or second self, of the artist as pure gesture and mimetic transgression. In spectral suspension, Dalt becomes the medium between herself and Lia. No era so´lida is a meeting place between these phenomenal and noumenal worlds: a diverse if not complicated landscape, but without a single solid form in sight. Swelling with cosmic oscillations and rhythmic tremors, the album's sound materializes through new experiments with harmonic distortion in tape delay and Dalt's continued abstraction of percussion and pulse. This atmosphere of auditory illusion is lush for vocal experimentation.
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11 September 2020 / More records