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Lucifer Star Machine - Satanic Age (Black/Gold)

Lucifer Star Machine

Satanic Age (Black/Gold)

Release date: June 16, 2023
Germany-based Lucifer Star Machine, the infernal Action Punx return with their fifth full-length album, an all-new arsenal of catchy and merciless Rock'n'Roll. Prepare to have your face blown off by heavy guitars from the Motörhead and Scandinavian School of Rock, delivered with Lucifer Star Machine's trademark infamous no-bullshit attitude. But these 12 nitro-fueled songs aren't just brutal heavyweight combat: as you'll soon find yourself singing along to tracks that are as tuneful as the Misfits and Ramones combined. And once their fired-up version of a Kiss song screams out of the speakers, you'll be already jumping up and down, playing air guitar like your life depends on it. This is Rock'n'Roll as it oughta be: dirty, reckless and with melodies to die for! Satanic Age was produced by guitarist Mickey Necro and frontman Tor Abyss, who have written the entire album during the pandemic. Once they had made demos for all the tracks and had a vision how the record should sound like, they hired once again engineer Roman Riemann to record, mix and master the album under their direction. The record was produced between January and June 2022 at Studio Bunker 85 in Lübeck, Germany. It boasts guest appearances by Marc Sparky Phillips of Demented Are Go and Kit Swing of London outfit Seven Days And Doesn't Die. The album is released by The Sign Records worldwide, and will be available on vinyl (1000pcs black, 500pcs red transparent w/black splatter+solid white splatter, 500pcs half/half solid black+solid gold), CD and all digital platforms.
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