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Luciano Michelini -La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide

Luciano Michelini

La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide

Release date: July 17, 2020
Original soundtrack
Label: Digitmovies
Syle: Soundtracks
Luciano Michelini created symphonic background music that alternates romanticism with drama and mystery. Our LP opens with the theme of the opening credits, a dark motif produced by strings, percussion and piano which is reprised later in the film. A second recurring motif is a love theme that is introduced in a slow, romantic version with a modern arrangement that alternates with a fast, extravagant march. Initially only the mono mixed tapes were found, but further research into the RCA archives brought to light the stereophonic tape of a previously unreleased LP montage.
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17 July 2020 / More records